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Capela do Santo Alberte

We left Baamonde for Miraz on Thursday morning, hiking the first several kilometers along a busy road with cars and trucks, decidedly our least favorite walking surface. But as the Camino turned off the highway, we crossed the Rio Parga using a medieval stone bridge (really) and walked into a forest and nature preserve.

Leaving the highway, we crossed railroad tracks and a medieval stone bridge into a nature preserve.

In just a few moments we went from hiking drudgery to one of the most beautiful settings on the Camino. A Camino lesson in impermanence?

Hiking up a small hill, we came to the Capelo do Santo Alberte (in Galician) or the Chapel of Saint Albert, tucked in the lush green forest with a stream running by. The chapel architecture is in a 14th century Gothic style, but parts of the structure are Roman and other parts that predate even that. It was also a pilgrim hospital during medieval times. We thought it was beautiful and spent some time there.

We ended the day at the Albergue Ó Abrigo in the very rural hamlet of Miraz. The albergue was comfortable, and the same owners operated a small bar/cafe along the path. We enjoyed both lunch and dinner – delicious, freshly cooked food.

Chapel of Saint Albert

The Road to Miraz

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  1. Sara Kennedy

    I have really been enjoying the gorgeous photos you have taken along the way. Very clear and terrific color and composition!

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