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Vilalba and Baamonde

As we neared the end of our walk to Santiago de Compostela, we realized that we needed to calculate backwards from the date we fly home to know how many days of walking remained. So little time left! We came up with a plan for our remaining days on the Camino.

On Tuesday, May 16, we took a bus from Ribadeo to Vilalba – opening up a day to spend in Santiago and another day in Madrid on our way home. On Wednesday, we walked to Baamonde. This was our first full day walking in Galicia – a different topography and interesting stone fences typical of this area.

Some of the best fun on Wednesday was meeting Albert (from Barcelona), his wife, and another Spanish couple on the trail. We offered to take a photo of the four of them and they reciprocated by taking a photo of us.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. We were settled into the albergue in Baamonde and having lunch in the garden when Albert and his group walked up. They had 8km remaining to hike, but wanted to get a stamp from the albergue on their credentials.

After greeting us, they realized they knew a German couple nearby. Then they noticed a couple from Wisconsin also staying at the albergue. Soon introductions were made all around and we made a group photo.

Albert stayed in touch with us and sent a photo when they arrived in Santiago. We visited with the German couple over the next couple of days, and had lunch with the Wisconsin couple two days later. Such is the way of the Camino!

More photos and a Relive video below.

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  1. TrudyARankin

    Amazing! You walk gingerly Sharon. Not worn out at all! Trudy

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