Camino de Santiago | Vietnam & Angkor Wat

Finding Our Stride

Each night we sit down to decide where we want to walk to the following day. There is a combination of factors that figure into this calculation: miles, elevation gain, surfaces we will walk, weather, availability of housing, how we are feeling in terms of energy level, blisters, etc. And making sure there is time to take in the beauty around us.

For example, if there’s a beach on the route, we definitely want to take time to pull off our shoes and walk the beach barefoot. All in all, we are finding we are that walking 8 hours a day – 9 at most – is a good pace for us.

On Tuesday, we walked from Castro Urdiales to Liendo – Hazas, a small village 14.5 miles and 8 hours hiking away. This was not a long day, but we had considered walking through to Laredo, which would have proven too taxing.

Check out our photos of this day. And, yes, we enjoyed a nice hotel stay 😊.

On Wednesday we walked from Liendo to Santoña, a charming town that is still a major fishing village. Our trek included barefoot beach walking the full length of Laredo and a short ferry ride that dropped us at Santoña. This hike 5 hours, 10.7 miles, and only 750 feet elevation. A relatively easy day. Photos of our walk to Santoña follow.

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  1. Debra Mowery

    What is collected in the heart shaped sculpture?

    • Sharon and Barry

      Plastic recycling!

  2. Kem

    I bet that beach sand and the water felt good on sore feet! Beautiful scenery, but that bed looked best of all!

  3. Mary Acevedo

    How happy I am to imagine walking with you.

    • Sharon Hodges

      So glad you are following along, Mary!

  4. Sara Kennedy

    Lovely pictures and videos! The places you stay look so inviting! I’m not seeing much foot trouble, ate your feet holding up? What do you eat at lunchtime? Have fun on the next leg. Yours, Sara & Morris

    • Barry and Sharon

      Sara and Morris: feet are surviving with use of Compeed to keep blisters at bay. The two most common lunches are cheese sandwiches that we prepare in advance or sometimes we stop at a bar or café and order a tortilla. It’s not like a Mexican tortilla. It’s a thick Spanish omelette with potatoes. Tasty, filling and inexpensive.

  5. Dorit

    Enjoying the pictures and info. Looks like a super special adventure. Thanks for sharing!

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