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Coastal Alternatives

As we have walked across Spain, two of our guidelines have been to avoid busy highways when possible and to choose the the coastline route when given the choice. On three consecutive days in the last week — our walks from Otur to Navia, Tapia de Casariega and Ribadeo — we left the traditional Camino for part of each day to walk along gorgeous coastal paths.

Most of the routes were along cliffs towering over the water variously known as the Cantabrian Sea, the Bay of Biscay or the North Atlantic Ocean.

In a few places we passed by peninsulas jutting into the sea known as castros — sites of fortified and sometimes moat-protected villages dating from the Iron Age to Roman times.

Check our photos below, followed by Relive videos showing other scenes from our walks those three days. As always, click on any photo to view larger versions of all the photos.

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  1. Debra Mowery

    what beauty in the ruggedness!

  2. Kem

    The views were certainly worth the alternate routes! Gorgeous coast, rocks, and caves.

  3. Cindy Sternlicht

    So much beauty there.

  4. Eyal

    The costal scenery looks amazing!

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