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The Walk to Villaviciosa

We hiked 18 miles and gained 1,427 feet in elevation as we walked to Villaviciosa on Saturday. A fairly long hike, but it felt relaxed and enjoyable, even in the light rain.

We often carry food and stop for lunch during our hikes. With the rain, we needed shelter and enjoyed our picnic in the covered entrance to a small church. Baguette, cheese, sliced tomato, and apple. Someone passing by smiled and wished us “Bon Appetite!”

Just after lunch, we came across a beautiful old church, San Salvador de Priesca. We had walked around the church taking photos before seeing a plaque dating the church to its consecration in the year 961. Seeing this was reminder of what an old path we are walking.

As we made our way to Villaviciosa, we became increasingly aware of a change in the landscape – apple orchards! All in full flower. This could mean only one thing: Spanish sidra, an Asturian hard apple cider wine that was recorded by early Roman settlers in the first century. We knew what we wanted to try this evening!

Villavicioso is a small city with a large park at its center. Hope you enjoy the photos.

The road to Villaviciosa

Park and plaza across from our hostel

Relive video

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  1. Kem

    After this trip, walking around the lake is going to feel like a warm up!

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