The topography of the Camino has changed slowly as we walked through Cantabria. The steep ups and downs followed in quick succession by more ups and downs that characterized our walks in the Basque region have become more tempered rolling hills.

Which is not to say that we are without steep inclines and declines. If you’re at sea level on the beach and look at your surroundings, there’s no doubt a substantial climb is ahead. But once up on the ridge line, we are finding rolling hills of western Cantabria to be a more gentle Camino.

And it’s not just about topography. In our third week on the Camino, we realize we have gained physical capacity. The steep climbs don’t feel as daunting. This feels good!

On Sunday we hiked from Santillana del Mar to Comillas. A cool and rainy day until mid afternoon, it felt like a perfect hiking day. And on Monday (May 1 and Labor Day holiday in Spain) we walked from Comillas to Unquera. Another overcast day made for a cool hike. In addition to peregrinos, there were lots of locals enjoying the beaches, trails, and city squares, and we enjoyed the extra hustle bustle. We met a lovely gentleman who opened his home to us – more on that from Barry.

We hope you enjoy the photos and videos!

Santillana del Mar to Comillas

Comillas to Unquera

Two pilgrims

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