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Sunset Serenade

After a scenic hike of about seven hours on Wednesday, we settled in at Albergue Andiketxe in the village of Olabe.

Calling Olabe a village is perhaps a stretch. Other than the albergue, the village is comprised of only a small church and two houses. But from the large second-story balcony of the albergue, there is an expansive view of rolling pastures in the deepest of greens and a backdrop of mountains.

There were 20 pilgrims at dinner that evening at a long table that seated all of us: Germans, French, Dutch, Spanish, and one American other than us. Wonderful conversation over a dinner prepared by our hospitalero. After dinner we migrated to the balcony to watch the sunset. We were serenaded by an exuberant pilgrim with a penchant for opera:

Dinner for 20

Serenade and sunset

Markina to Olabe

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  1. Larry Rankin

    Your trek reminds me of those I took in Patagonia, Argentina, in Panama, and in the Colombia bush. Memories rush through me with your adventures. The monument to “el Libertador,” Simon Boliver, who brought independence to Northern South America. Why is it there?

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