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A Day in Gernika

Our time in Gernika (Basque for Guernica) left Barry and me both with tender hearts. Most Americans know of Gernika through Pablo Picasso’s famous 1937 painting, Guernica. But we don’t necessarily connect it specifically with the events of April 26, 1937, when Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy bombed the civilian population at the request of Spanish fascists and reduced Gernika to ashes.

What struck us as so very relevant to our time was the disinformation that this act of violence produced. Franco denied that the city was bombed and maintained that the people of Gernika set it afire themselves. The Museum of Peace in Gernika is dedicated to documenting first-person accounts of what actually happened that day. And it is committed to advancing peace through reconciliation efforts.

We had a late lunch leaving Gernika before hiking 2 hours to Albergue Gerekiz, situated in the countryside with only a small unmarked building to keep it company.

Olabe to Gernika to Gerekiz

Relive video

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  1. Trudy Rankin

    Please keep us informed of important Truths. Beautiful!

  2. Larry Rankin

    And I believe Picasso, as well as Pablo Casals never returned to Spain until Franco was dead. Maybe Picasso was gone by then. The bombing of Guernica happened on my birthday, April 26. Where is the mural located today?

  3. Praveena

    Laurel just shared with me, I’m SO excited to see that you all are on the Camino! So excited to watch your adventures and can’t wait to hear your impression. Buen camino!

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