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Donostia / San Sebastián

We spent Saturday in a small city on the Bay of Biscay only 20 kilometers from the French border. It is a foodie town known for its Basque cuisine. It is a beach town with surfers in wetsuits carrying their boards to and from the waterfront. And as we came to learn, it is a town with an official name in two languages – Donostia (Basque) / San Sebastián (Spanish).

Basque is highly visible throughput the city. Signage is often in Basque – streets are marked Kalea rather than the Spanish Calle. Restaurants are identified as both Jatetxea (Basque) and Restaurate (Spanish). Menus are printed in both Basque and Spanish and sometimes include French and English translations as well.

One of the highlights of our time here (in addition to the spectacular food) was our chance encounter with a group of people singing traditional Basque songs under the portico of the 16th century San Vicente Church.

Hope you enjoy the photo montage of our time in Donostia / San Sebastián below.

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    So gorgeous! I hope you ate some chocolate!

  2. Trudy Rankin

    Hope your knee is ok Barry after your long detour!

    • Barry Friedman

      Thanks, Trudy. We walked 14+ miles today with lots of elevation gain. The knee was good.

  3. Andrew Quinn

    Happy to see you happy!!

  4. Debra Mowery

    Thank you for letting me travel with you vicariously!
    It looks like you both are having a terrific time!

  5. Cindy Sternlicht

    Loving this vicarious hike. Always good to see the turistas looking well.

  6. Wendy WU

    Lovely to see you and get to know about the places with your travels, Sharon. Keep on enjoying it with Barry.

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