Camino de Santiago | Vietnam & Angkor Wat

The View from Our Rides

Our rides are challenging! Most of our time is on single lane rural roads, some paved but many are packed dirt and rock with ruts and potholes. We share these roads with people, motorbikes, trucks, and livestock – cows, water buffalo and chickens are frequent travelers. As we pass through villages, children often shout, ‘Hallo!’ and wave or put their hand out for a high five. And wherever we are, the scenery is spectacular.

Often we bike on dirt paths that connect the sugar cane fields or rice paddies. These are built as narrow berms 5 to 10 feet above the fields and used by farm workers and local people including school children on their bikes. The views are especially beautiful from this vantage point. Here are some photos that attempt to capture some of the views from our rides.


  1. Kem Moore

    Wow! What spectacular scenery. Glad I am not having to watch the road and watch the scenery. Love the photos…keep them coming.

  2. Sylvia Friedman

    I am really enjoying the travelogue from the comfort of my bedroom. Is there a book in the making?

  3. Josh Bump Galletta

    Barry these photos are amazing!

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